contemporary COASTAL cuisine



Ho Chi Minh's best restaurant on the Saigon River

Coastal is a contemporary coastal cuisine focused restaurant on the Saigon River that prioritizes quality, atmosphere, and community.

Gardens, flowers, the wind, the views, the water, and natural materials—make Coastal a refreshing destination—and one for the senses.

The Coastal menu highlights the sea and the land leveraging exceptional products with a menu that aims to inspire, time and time again.

Coastal is dependable, creative, and approachable with the best views in Saigon


Arriving to COASTAL

Living in Thảo Điền, call us at any time to reserve free buggy pickup from your home.

Coming from District 1, try our complimentary Saigon River Boat service provide by the Riverside Apartments.

COASTAL has plenty or free parking for motorbikes and cars, which perfect is for events in Saigon.